Using Micro Utilities to Create Reliable Energy

The high-tech, digital world we live in requires a reliable energy source to power it. This is especially true for facilities like hospitals or data centres, where even a brief brownout could cost money or lives.

Micro utilities are the solution to this challenge.

What is a Micro Utility and How Does it Work?

A power grid can be defined as a combination of power sources, power users, the wires that connect them all, and a control system of sorts to make sure energy goes where it needs to. A micro utility is a small, freestanding, onsite source of power version of a regular grid that can disconnect from the traditional grid and operate autonomously.

GTM, an American research firm, estimates that there are 1,900 micro utilities in the U.S., but this number continues to grow, especially as hurricanes and tropical storms devastate the Gulf of Mexico and Southeastern United States. Basic micro-utilities, named as such because they only have one energy source, enable buildings to keep their power on during brownouts.

More advanced micro utilities receive energy from a number of different energy sources and have some sort of built-in redundancy, which virtually eliminates the possibility of a brownout. Dedicated Energy Systems™, for example, are micro utilities that use a hybrid solution to source energy. This solution includes a combination of technologies such as cogeneration and batteries. The modular solution can be scaled up or down to meet the changing energy needs of the user and can incorporate new technologies and fuels as they become commercially viable.

Businesses Have a Lot to Gain from Dedicated Energy Systems™

There are numerous, real, and tangible benefits to transitioning energy production to a micro utility.

Businesses can expect significant savings in annual electricity costs when switching from the public electric power grid to a Dedicated Energy System™ because there are no legacy infrastructure costs to bear. Further, some Dedicated Energy Systems™ require no up-front capital investment from the user or subsidies from the government.

Dedicated Energy Systems™ can take advantage of proven and reliable technologies to essentially create a power plant in a box. These systems have a primary and secondary source of power that is synchronized, providing uninterrupted power supply, eliminating blackouts and brownouts, and resulting in a steady delivery of electricity.

A smarter approach to energy generation and distribution is required; one that leverages the latest technologies and a variety of energy sources, keeps rising costs in check, is more reliable, keeps up with the increasing energy demand, and is more secure and better for the environment.

Micro utilities are an innovative, yet proven approach that delivers those benefits.

UWB Energy is a Dedicated Energy Systems™ provider, an alternative to the traditional public electricity grid. Our Mission is to combine our innovative energy solution, expertise, and commitment to the balance of People, Planet, and Profit to help build a sustainable world.

We encourage you to find out if UWB Energy is a good fit for your business today.

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