UWB Energy: Committed to People, Planet and Profit

Every decision taken by UWB Energy must be truly sustainable. UWB Energy's development of its Integrated Energy Platform™ (IEP) is driven by the desire to create a sustainable, cost-effective source of energy for commercial and industrial businesses, with a commitment to the harmonious balance of humanity, the environment, and long-term financial success.

Unique Model

UWB has developed a unique business model. UWB takes care of all the engineering and implementation of the system, and provides all on-going support and maintenance.

The system is also financed by UWB, so there are no capital investments or government subsidies required. Clients pay a fixed monthly fee at a substantial savings compared to a traditional energy contract.




UWB Energy's engineering team has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing on-site power applications.

Over 10 years of software integration, including clean power technologies such as algae sequestration, lithium battery technology, and green hydrogen.

Invest in your business, not your utility

Save Money and The Planet

Get control over energy cost and save on your monthly electricity bill.
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