Craig Clydesdale

Founder and CEO

Craig has over 30 years of senior management experience in the energy industry specializing in power marketing, facility operations, environmental sustainability, electrical and oil and gas process controls. He has a rich and practical understanding of the Canadian and USA Power markets, and has developed an extensive network of experts around the globe in the fields of electrical power generation, electrical deregulation, oil and gas process and environmental emissions reductions. Craig holds a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from York University.

Morley Kocken

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mr. Kocken brings over 30 years of expertise in the fields of turn-key oil and gas process systems, power generation systems, liquid-gas separation and fluid process control. Prior to UWB Energy, Morley founded Porta-Test International Inc., which designed, engineered and fabricated many types of process equipment, electrical systems and separators for oil and gas production and refining. In 2000, Porta-Test was acquired by NATCO Group of Houston, Texas.

Morley has been granted 8 patents in the oil and gas industry, including Canadian and US patents for design on Fluid Fractionating Membranes and a Mexican patent for liquid cyclone oil/gas separation. He has lectured at the World Oil Congress, Calgary and other symposiums on high efficiency oil and gas processes.

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