Dedicated Energy SystemTM (DES): A Viable Alternative to the Public Grid

UWB Energy is private utility that provides Dedicated Energy SystemsTM (DES) as an alternative to the public grid. Our onsite energy solution is less expensive, more reliable and more environmentally friendly than the public power grid.

Integrated Energy PlatformTM (IEP)

We use advanced technology called an Integrated Energy PlatformTM (IEP), which is an on-site Dedicated Energy SystemTM (DES) that aims to provide buildings with reliable energy while reducing their carbon footprint. The IEP uses a variety of technologies to provide clean, reliable power, including cogeneration, batteries, and cloud technology.

Integrated Energy Platform

How our Private Utility Model Works

Our team takes care of every part of the process, including the financing, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance. Your only obligation is to pay a fixed monthly fee instead of paying your utility, an initial cost savings of about 20% on average.











A Proven Track Record

Worldwide projects

Combined years of senior management experience

Energy infrastructure installed

MWh produced annually

Building a Sustainable Future

At UWB Energy, we pride ourselves in providing a solution that is sustainable for the “3 P’s”: People, Planet, and Profit.

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