Dedicated Energy Systems™ Are the Future for Energy Production

By and large, our energy supply still comes from public utilities, even though the centralized transmission grid is still the inflexible nest of wires it has been for almost a century.

Centralized power generation systems – the “public grid” – are straining to keep up with population sprawl, consumption demands and security threats. This is making access to reliable and affordable electricity more precarious.

Private utilities, or Dedicated Energy Systems™, are the best answer to untangling ourselves from the traditional power generation architecture. There are proven, existing and cost-effective technologies that can be deployed to generate and distribute electricity “on-site”. These technologies are capable of harnessing energy from various sources; natural gas, solar, wind, etc.

There are numerous, real and tangible benefits to transitioning energy production from centralized to Dedicated Energy Systems™. These are a few.

Reduces Business Costs

This approach is far more cost effective than businesses getting their energy from the public utility because the are no legacy infrastructure costs to bear and private utilities are much more efficient.

Businesses can expect at least a 20% savings in annual electricity costs when switching from a public to a private utility model.

More Reliable

Dedicated Energy Systems™ take advantage of proven and reliable technologies to essentially create a power plant in a box.

These private utilities have a primary and secondary source of power that is synchronized, safeguarding against power interruptions. On-site power production can be coupled with the public grid to provide backup, or on-site redundant systems with a UPS can be deployed, negating the need to use the public utility.

In either configuration, Dedicated Energy Systems™ provide a virtual guarantee of a 100%, uninterrupted power supply, eliminating blackouts and brownouts and resulting in a reliable, steady energy stream.

More Efficient

Dedicated Energy Systems™ operate at much higher efficiencies compared to the public grid. Up to 70% of electricity produced though centralized generation is lost during distribution along transmission lines.

Conversely, Dedicated Energy Systems™, which operate “without poles”, typically have efficiency rates that are over 85% – which means 85% of the energy can be captured as electricity or usable heat.

This reduces costs, increases reliability and lowers CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint.


Off-Grid power generation can be located in the most efficient physical location and can be moved to other locations as required.


Dedicated Energy Systems™ can be adapted to meet the increasing energy needs of a commercial or industrial facility and can take advantage of more efficient technologies as they become proven and available.

This eliminates the reliance on the public grid to meet future energy demands.


In North America, power grids are struck by a cyber or physical attack approximately once every four days. Dedicated Energy Systems™ are “off the grid” and therefore not susceptible to these attacks.

Private utilities include safeguards that protect them from cyber attacks, making them inherently more secure. Vulnerabilities in the public utility are therefore not a threat to continuous business operations.

Dedicated Energy Systems™ offer a smart alternative

It is well known that increasing costs, diminishing reliability and the struggles to keep up with future demand are realities of traditional electricity generating and distribution systems.

A smarter approach to energy generation and distribution is required; one that leverages the latest technologies and a variety of energy sources. An approach that keeps rising costs in check, is more reliable, keeps up with increased demand, is more secure and better for the environment.

Dedicated Energy Systems™ are an innovative, yet proven approach that delivers those benefits.

UWB Energy is a Dedicated Energy Systems™ provider, an alternative to the traditional public electricity grid. Our Mission is to combine our innovative energy solution, expertise, and commitment to the balance of People, Planet, and Profit to help build a sustainable world.

We encourage you to find out if UWB Energy is a good fit for your business today.

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